local event tech vendors take stress expense out of shipping - Stager Inc

Though it took over two years, we’re finally returning to in-person event formats. Unfortunately, as events have ramped up, so have shipping costs. The supply chain crises, rooted in the pandemic and exacerbated by rising fuel prices, continues to bring significant challenges to companies and event producers as they plan for the year ahead.

Our team has seen shipping costs rise to 4x more than they were in 2019, and there’s no clear timeline for when this trend will change. The good news is that you can engage local event vendors and avoid exorbitant fees and the time it takes gear to arrive. Not only will shopping locally save you money, but local companies can also save time and headaches.

Instead of shipping event equipment to Music City, contact Stager for your event technology needs. Our team of expert production professionals will help you determine the right mix of gear, support services, and people that will accomplish your goals within your budget. Plus, we are located in the heart of downtown Nashville, which gives us fast and easy access to local event venues in a matter of minutes.

By choosing Stager, you have access to the best audio visual equipment available to rent and a team of professionals who will always personally answer your call and make you a priority. Whether you need a single LCD projector or projection screens for 80 breakout rooms, we have the expertise and extensive audio visual rental inventory to meet any need.

If you have a small to midsize event coming up in Nashville, let our team save you the costs and hassles of shipping and show you why we’ve been Nashville’s go-to event tech partner for the last 20+ years!